9K Gold Garnet & Diamond Floral Vine Ring
9K Gold Garnet & Diamond Floral Vine Ring

9K Gold Garnet & Diamond Floral Vine Ring

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Captivated by the wonders of nature, our Floral Collection presents an enchanting ring that serves as a testament to the beauty inherent in the natural world. Adorned with a central round cut Garnet gemstone 4.5mm, delicately nestled within a detailed floral five-pronged head, this ring exudes grace and charm. Adding to its allure, two sparkling diamonds are securely held in prong settings, infusing the design with brilliance. The band, crafted from irregular 9K yellow gold, showcases intricate pleating reminiscent of the organic textures found in nature's landscape.

Garnet, with its deep red hues evoking the rich tones of autumn, serves as the focal point of this captivating piece. Renowned for its resilience and sparkle, the name "diamond" originates from the Greek word 'adamas,' meaning unbreakable, symbolizing strength and enduring beauty.

Product Detail:
- Diameter: 18.47 mm
- Height: 7.61 mm
- Material: 9K Yellow Gold

- Garnet represents January birthstone

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, the Gemondo Floral Collection marries elegant design with dazzling gemstones, offering a variety of colors and hues to reflect your unique personality and style. Embrace the essence of nature with this exquisite ring and let its beauty inspire every glance.

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Founded in the United Kingdom. The brand focused on selling genuine gemstone jewelry since 2006

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