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Gemondo focus on bringing service excellence to every purchase.  Below are questions we have received frequently.  However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further inquiries.
  • Do Gemondo’s silver jewelry tarnish?

    Gemondo offers both gold and sterling silver gemstone jewelry.

    For gold jewelry, there is no tarnish, discoloration and allergy.

    For silver jewelry, the surface is plated with gold or rhodium to protect silver from being exposed to the air which are key causes to scratch and tarnish. We recommend customer to avoid contact with chemical substances such as perfumes, alcohols or sweats. Regularly clean your jewelry after wearing, dry with soft cloth, and keep in airtight box or container.

  • How do I clean and store my jewelry?

    Below are 5 recommendations to keep quality of your jewelry last long.

    1. Avoid contacting chemical substances. Wear your jewelry after applying lotions, cosmetics or perfumes.
    2. Regularly and gently clean your jewelry with warm water or light soap water, wipe or leave to dry and store in proper place (not exposed to sunlight with dry and not humid conditions).
    3. Keep jewelry in box or in jewelry pouch after use. Keep each piece of jewelry in separate pouch to avoid scratches.
    4. Silver jewelry should be stored in airtight bags with Anti Tarnish Tabs (provided for all silver jewelry products) to protect jewelry from being exposed to the air.
    5. Pearl jewelry should be stored in proper temperature – not too hot, as it effects the polish of natural pearls.

  • How can I measure my ring size?

    To find your perfect ring size, please see ring size chart available here

  • How can I find product prices or special offers about Gemondo jewelry?

    You can find information about Gemondo jewelry in collections and get to find special offers in offers.

    Or contact us online at Line ID: @gemondo_th – our jewelry consultants are willing to provide you further suggestions to find your perfect piece.

  • What is the purity of Gemondo gold and silver jewelry?

    Gemondo jewelry are created from high quality gemstones and precious metals namely 9K and 10K gold and 92 sterling silver which are widely recognized for gemstone jewelry.

  • What does K mean for gold? Are they real gold?

    Yes, It is gold in the percentage of purity which mixed with other metals to form a metal alloy, this is to enhance strength and hardness suitable for jewelry making. For example, 9K gold is 37.50% of pure gold.

    The unit of gold is Karat with K as an abbreviation.

  • Can I take Gemondo for sales or pawning?

    Gemondo offers fine jewelry with meticulous selection of gemstones, pearls, gold and silver from jewelry experts which are considered valuable products. However, at Gemondo, we do not have any return policy at the moment. For other stores or pawning, please check terms and conditions or policy of each store for your confidence in using service.

  • Where are the sources of gemstones used for Gemondo jewelry?

    Gemstones used for Gemondo are selected from high quality sources both local and overseas.
    We only use genuine gemstone on every piece of our jewelry with no compromise. Our experts, source gemstones from all over the world and this is why Gemondo is one of the largest selection of gemstone jewelry.
    We only sourced from producer whom promote Good governance, adhere labor laws, and practices social and environmental responsibility. In addition, gemstones information are specified on each warrantee card.

  • Where can I purchase Gemondo jewelry?

    You can purchase our jewelry via website.

    Also, at Facebook, Instagram, Line, Lazada and Shopee or visit our showroom and get assisted by our jewelry consultants by appointment.

  • How can I make payment?

    On website, you can pay using PayPal* or bank transfer and send proof of payment via Line ID: @gemondo_th. Our jewelry consultants will check purchase orders and provide you with further services. You will then receive an email for payment confirmation.

    *PayPal is a worldwide payment gateway operated since 1998 and listed in the US NASDAQ as PYPL.

  • How long is the delivery process after placing orders?

    Once the payment is confirmed, the products will be delivered within 1 – 2 business days and service providers may later deliver within 1 – 3 business days.

    (Conditions are subject to change depending on zones and situations.)

  • How can I ask for receipt and proceed tax refund?

    Once the order is made, paid and delivered, you will receive the receipt by email.

    Request for tax invoice can be proceeded within 3 – 5 business days. Please contact our customer service via Line ID: @gemondo_th.

  • How can I receive updated news about Gemondo jewelry?

    You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Line Official Account or subscribe to our newsletter.

  • How can I contact Gemondo?

    You can contact us through online via Line ID: @gemondo_th during Monday – Friday 08.30 – 17.30 hrs. and our jewelry consultants will help you find what you are looking for. You can also visit our showroom and get assisted by our jewelry consultants through private appointment.

  • What are terms and conditions for exchange and return policy?

    To provide the most satisfaction of service, Gemondo has return policy of products within 7 days after the received date. Such products and all of its packaging materials* must be in good conditions, with product label attached and not torn.

    *exclude outer shipping box

  • How can I ask for jewelry cleaning or repair service?

    Please contact us via Line ID: @gemondo_th for our jewelry consultants to provide you with further assistance.

  • What are the guarantees of Gemondo jewelry?

    We hope that you are satisfied with our Gemondo jewelry. However, if there are any reasons, we offer the return policy within 7 days after the received date in which the products must be in good conditions. Please refer to point 15.

    In the event that defect caused by manufacturing process, we offer to replace or repair product free of charge. The product has warrantee of 30 day after product received. With our lifetime warrantee, we offer repair to every piece of our jewelry, please contact our customer service at Line ID: @gemondo_th for further assistance and quotation.

  • How can I ask for ring size adjustment service for my Gemondo ring?

    After received our product within 7 days, if the ring doesn’t fit your finger, you can contact us for exchange to the correct standard size (size 51, 53, 55, 57 or 59), men’s ring (size 55, 57, 59, or 61) with no additional charge. Products return must be in good conditions, please refer to point 15.

    In the case that you wish to have specific ring size, please make inquiries to our jewelry consultant via Line ID: @gemondo_th to determine best solution for you.

    Made-to-order jewelry, will take up to 6 weeks, return and refund are not available for this option. Please contact our jewelry consultants for more information.

  • How long has Gemondo in genuine color gemstone jewelry e-tailing?

    Gemondo established in 2006, in the United Kingdom. The brand is pure play e-commerce with the goal to provide the best value to consumer with only genuine gemstone with precious metal jewelry. Gemondo launched in Thailand in 2015.

    Please view our Gemondo story in Discovery.