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Nothing is quite as luxurious, but what makes gold so valuable? And why is gold so desirable? Let us help you discover all you need to know about this magical metal.

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The June Birthstone
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Gold Ruby Classic Halo Earrings
Modern Classic
Looking for even more golden inspiration? Explore our range of ethically sourced and affordable gold jewelry.
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Gold Garnet January Birthstone Sunburst Pendant
Birthstone Pendant
Inspired by the fascination with mother nature. The birthstone pendant collection, featuring a sun and beautiful gemstone.
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We use only sustainable genuine gemstones

Adhering to our strict corporate social responsibility guidelines, we thrive to work responsibly with all communities where we source our raw materials.  All materials are sourced from vendors who are official members of the Certified Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). 


Founded in the United Kingdom. The brand focused on selling genuine gemstone jewelry since 2006

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