Irregular Sterling Silver 925 Oval Green Jade & Topaz Pendant Necklace

Irregular Sterling Silver 925 Oval Green Jade & Topaz Pendant Necklace

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Behold the enchanting Irregular Green Jade Pendant Necklace, a masterpiece where natural allure meets exquisite craftsmanship. Adorning this necklace is a dyed green jade gemstone in an oval shape, measuring 9x7mm, emanating captivating hues and intricate patterns. Elevated by a round white topaz stone measuring 2.70mm, this pendant radiates a subtle sparkle, enhancing the allure of the green jade with every movement.

Draped elegantly from a sterling silver chain, this pendant necklace exudes effortless sophistication and bohemian charm. Whether worn as a standalone statement piece or paired with other treasures from our Irregular Collection, it promises to elevate any ensemble with its unique charm. Embrace the enchantment of irregularity and let your individuality shine with this jewelry set.

Product Detail:
- Diameter: 9.23mm
- Height: 15.25mm
- Material: 925 Sterling silver
- Cable chain length: 18 inches (45 cm)

- Jade, Jadeite: A symbol of well-being, longevity, and the healing

Explore the enchanting world of Gemondo's Irregular Collection, where beauty is found in the unexpected. Each piece in this collection celebrates the allure of irregularity, showcasing organic shapes and captivating textures that defy convention. Whether worn as standalone statement pieces or layered to create a personalized look, the Irregular Collection invites you to embrace your unique style and add a touch of unconventional elegance to your jewelry collection.

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Founded in the United Kingdom. The brand focused on selling genuine gemstone jewelry since 2006

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