十二月生日石 | 丹泉石、土耳其石


      This bluish-greenish gem is valued for both its ancient heritage and unforgettable color.  With the traditional sources of turquoise coming from the Nishapur district of Iran, this gemstone is sometimes described as a “Persian Blue”, though it might not have actually been mined from Iran.  From the cultures of both Old and New Worlds, turquoise has been considered a holy stone and a bringer of good fortune as seen in the turquoise inlays of ancient Egyptian carvings from approximately 3000 BC as well as the ancient Persian kingdoms.  In contemporary gemstone therapy people suffering from anxiety are encouraged to wear turquoise as the color is said to improve confidence.  The radiant blue of the sky and the energizing green of the sea are combined in turquoise to make the wearer of this gem feel happy and cheerful. 

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