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The Creator Sterling Silver 925 Malachite, Cornelian & Pearl Necklace

2,900.00 ฿

This playful 18K yellow gold plated sterling silver necklace features colorful gemstones that resemble the Mexican flag with white pearls, green malachite and dyed cornelian that dangle perfectly.

An homage to the vibrancy of our favorite artist's iconic portraits, famed for their gorgeous colors and floral elements, this necklace exudes nature-inspired elegance.

Product Detail:
- Length 45 cm

The Extraordinary Collection for Extraordinary Women tells visual stories of heroic females to inspire a new generation of strong and empowering women. Adorn beautiful gemstone jewelry pieces created in homage to muses who have owned their course of history.

- Cornelian, the fire element
- Malachite, the famous green stone
- Pearl represents June birthdays

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