'Carnelian' The Talisman for Success.


Carnelian Gemstone


Carnelian gemstone



Mohs Hardness 6.00 - 7.00
Chemical Composition SiO2
Mineral Quartz

Belief & Birthstone

Carnelian is a wonderful stone for self-esteem. It helps the wearer to develop and maintain a healthy self-image. Carnelian helps one to be more outgoing and sociable. It is a warm, friendly, and easy to get along with. This stone is also an excellent aid to help those who are seeking to rebuild their self-esteem after a setback.


Color Ranges in color from sleek yellow-orange to rich, near reddish-orange to a deep reddish-brown.
Clarity Carnelian Clarity. It holds dull luster. The transparency state of this lovely gem is translucent thus; Due to its mass the inclusions
Cut Usually cut in smooth cuts, beads or cabochons