Blue Sapphire

'Bule Sapphire' The Gemstone of Virtue


Blue Sapphire Gemstone


Blue Sapphire Gemstone



Mohs Hardness 9
Chemical Composition Al2O3
Mineral Corundum

Belief & Birthstone

- Blue Sapphire represent September birthdays -

The ancient Persians believed that Earth was balanced on a giant sapphire that was reflected in the color of the heavens. Buddhists believed that sapphires had a calming effect on people, which facilitated their devotion to prayer and meditation


Color The most valued blue sapphires are velvety blue to violetish blue. Apart from natural blue sapphires, there are various ranges of colors starting from red, pink, yellow, white, purple, orange, and brown.sapphires might also be grayish, too light, or too dark.
Clarity Blue sapphires typically have some inclusions, but they generally have better clarity than rubies. Blue sapphires with extremely high clarity are rare, and very valuable.
Cut The most popular cuts for a sapphire are oval, round and cushion.