Wonderful Gift Ideas for Your Dear Ones

Gifting season is coming ! Are you considering a special gift for someone you love?
Jewelry would be one of the gift ideas you are looking for. Gemondo has chosen the perfect piece of jewelry for you. Both precious gold jewelry and modern design silver jewelry. Suitable for giving as a gift to your loved ones. It will undoubtedly impress the recipient, who will never forget it. 
Zodiac 10K gold pendant with gemstones
Let's start with the 9K gold pendant from the Initial Letter collection and the 10K gold pendant from the Zodiac collection, in addition to the cute and minimal design. Wearing birthstones is also believed to bring power, fortune, and luck to the wearer.
Classic 9K gold Jewelry flower design
If you are looking for gifts for recipients who love classic design jewelry. Don't miss the Classic Thai collection, 9K gold jewelry perfectly designed with sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds that are timeless and perfect for everyday outfits. Whenever the recipient wears this piece of jewelry, they will always remember the giver.
Siberian waltz sterling silver 925  Enamel and Pink Tourmaline Jewelry
If your special one loves adorable designs, the Siberian Waltz collection is the answer! These pieces are made of 925 sterling silver jewelry, plated with 18K rose gold and decorated with pink tourmaline, which is sweet and cute. They will turn your loved one's ordinary day into a special day.
Special for this Gifting Season!
When you buy Gemondo jewelry from today until 25th December 2022
You will receive a minimalist jewelry box (590 baht) for free! when purchasing products up to 4,000 baht and receive a healing stone tumbler (990 baht) for free! when purchasing products up to 10,000 baht

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