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925 Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ruby & Diamond Classic Ring

2,712.00 ฿ 3,390.00 ฿

A stunning 18K yellow gold plated 925 Sterling silver ring. Set with 2.3, 1.9mm rubies and diamond in a classic bow tie design.

Product Detail:
Diameter: 1.9 cm, Height: 0.7 cm

The Jewelry of Love, inspired by the bow-tie design, represents warm love on an 18K yellow gold ring. Inlaid in channel settings, gives the wearer an outstanding and unique look.

- Ruby represents July birthdays

Diamond is celebrated for its unrivalled strength and striking beauty, which is why it is often shared in the most romantic gesture. As birthstones, diamonds represent April birthdays and are traditionally given as 10th anniversary gifts.

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