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925 Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Classic Eternity Emerald & Blue Sapphire & Ruby & Diamond Ring

3,192.00 ฿ 3,990.00 ฿

A classic 18K yellow gold plated 925 Sterling silver eternity ring set with 4x3mm emerald, blue sapphire, ruby and decorated with diamond.

Product Detail:
Diameter: 1.9 cm, Height: 0.6 cm

- Ruby represents July birthdays
- Emerald represents May birthdays
- Diamond represents April birthdays
- Sapphire represents September birthdays

Ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond have always been the most desired gemstones for jewelry wearers. Especially to the collector of rare gemstones because the value never falls. Combine the beauty of gemstones in one place in a classic design ring and earrings set. Suitable for all ages and occasions. In Chinese belief, the number 8 or infinity is an auspicious number as it represents wealth, especially those who trade as a business are prosperous. Decorated with the combination of 3 gemstones and surrounded with diamonds, making this set the best of colors decorated together. Sparkling jewelry that is outstanding in both design and color.

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